Hourly Reporting

New Features in 7.90d!

New HOURLY reporting across a time frame. Two new reports for you to look at and use to compare numbers. The first is the hourly report you are used to. That shows the sales by hour for the menu groups and more. The second is the new hourly report that shows you sales, tickets, labor, coupons, discounts, gift cards and voids by the 1/4 hour!


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Fast Tabs

New Features in 7.90c!

We have introduced MANY new features in version 7.90c of SP-1! These are designed to speed up your line and service!

We have re-designed our loading system to speed up the initial menu load by up to 80%!


Fast Tabs in SelbySoft

NEW 7.90C Features

7.90C is an ambitious update to increase the speed of service in your store! We have been working on a number of features to make order taking faster and more intuitive. We are confident that these features will help your employees spend less time with the POS and more time with your customers.

It all starts with our new Menu Group FAST-Tabs. This feature will automatically tab your first six Menu Groups at the top of the screen. This allows you to quickly move from group to group without having to exit the Menu Group.

For example, if you are in the coffee group, you can quickly and easily swap to the pastry menu!

Fast Tabs in SelbySoft

FAST-Tabs for Modifiers

FAST-Tabs are not just for Menu Groups. We are really excited about the ability to add tabs to your modifier groups. This new feature allows you to categorize your modifiers into groups that make sense.

This allows your to not only color code but group the modifiers. Up to nine categories can be created per Menu Group. This allows you to quickly and easily click on your Milk Tab and see all milks!



QuickOrders are an exciting new way to quickly order menu items with one touch! This method allows you to create a "Macro" of whatever is on the ticket!

Start by creating an order and save it to one of 20 QuickOrder spots. When an employee touches that item from the main screen, the ticket will be duplicated. Even coupons, comments and discounts are included in that!

We see this as a quick way to take care of drip coffee, common retail items, and those orders that you know you ring in hundreds of times a day!

Credit Card Tips

New Tip Reporting

While not as exciting as the other features, we have also enhanced the way that credit card tips are reported. Now, when you run the credit card tip report, the total will show the breakout of the tips to the right!

Coffee Fest Baltimore

First Coffee Show of the Year!

SelbySoft will be exhibited at Coffee Fest Baltimore and had a FANTASTIC time!

Our two presentations at the show were very well received!

SCA Event

Specialty Coffee Association Event - April 2017

What a fantastic show! The Specialty Coffee Association show in Seattle 2017 was a great event. We loved meeting so many roasters, coffee shops and industry people at this SCA show!

New Product Showdown

2016 - Coffee Fest New York

What a fantastic show! New York even brought out some 75 degree weather for us! We met a ton of great people out there.

We were the sponsor of the New Product Showdown competition. This was the most fun we have had in a while. Mike Spence was a judge along with David Morris from Dillanos Coffee, Kerri Goodman from Coffee Talk Magazine and Megan Clark of Fresh Cup Magazine.

This was a "Shark Tank" style showdown with the judging based on innovation and retailer appeal. There were a lot of fun things to look at.

The Best New Products were:
1st Place: Just Panela – Panela Hand Crafted Sugar
2nd Place: Earnest Eats – Energized Hot Cereal Cups
3rd Place: Prana Chai – Prana Chai – Agave Blend
1st Place: Ripples – The Ripple Maker
2nd Place: Brewista – Brewista Cold Pro Commercial Cold Brew Coffee System
3rd Place: MoJoe – MoJoe Mobile Brewing System

Check out the image that the Ripple Maker made for us!

SelbySoft Announces Mercury Vantiv Name Change

Merury Payments is now Vantiv Integrated Systems

Our credit card processing partner, Mercury Payment Systems has now changed their name to Vantiv Integrated Payments. Vantiv will bring even more reliability to their platform.

This changewill bring smarter faster, easier payments with Vantiv Integrated Payments.
Improved standard funding timeframe
Friday and Saturday deposits will now be received on Monday, one day earlier.
Batch times will remain the same.
Batches will continue to be available in MercuryView before they are deposited.
The funding on the statement will be an ACH payment from Vantiv, any deposits will be from Vantiv.

Mercury Infographic

Infographic on Security From Mercury Payment Solutions

We thought this would be a great thing to share.

Mercury Payment Systems, one of our preferred credit card processors, put together this Infographic that explains the security threats facing merchants today. Give SelbySoft a call and see how we can put you in touch with Mercury Payment Systems and help keep you secure.

SelbySoft logo

Coffee Fest Portland!- 2015

What a fantastic show! Mike, Heidi, Jordan & RJ had a blast at the 75th Coffee Fest show in Portland OR. We really appreciate all our current customers who stopped by the say Hi as well as those of you that expressed an interest in SP-1 for Coffee.

The Cafe Feminino party that we were one of the sponsors was a hit on Thursday! 300 plus people came to help raise money for this great non-profit.

SelbySoft was once again the Official P.O.S. of America's Best Coffeehouse competition.

PublicUS out of Las Vegas NV took first place and will compete for $10,000 in Feb of 2017.
Klatch Coffee of Rancho Cucamonga CA took second place.
Evans Brothers Coffee of Sandpoint ID took third place.

SelbySoft Sponsor America's Best Coffeehouse Competition

2015 - Coffee Fest Chicago

What a great show! A ton of people turned out to see us in beautiful Chicago!

SelbySoft was lucky enough to be the sponsor of the America's Best Coffeehouse competition once again!

Three coffeeshops competed for the regional title of America's Best Coffeehouse.

First Place went to Quills Coffee out of Louisville, KY

Second Place went to PT's Coffee out of Kansas City, MO

Third Place went to Vint Coffee out of Louisville, MO

Quills Coffee earned the second seed for the 2015-2016 Grand Championship that will take place in Nashville, TN on February 17-19, 2017.

EMV Terminal

EMV is Here

Let SelbySoft help you stay secure. EMV is a requirement by Visa/Mastercard as of October 1st, 2015.

Our encrypted machines will ensure that your store is safe and fraud free. These terminals accept chipped cards and NFC payment systems (Apple Pay & Android Pay).

Call or Email us for more information.

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