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Used by thousands of cafes, drive thrus & restaurants, SelbySoft has been helping small businesses and chains increase sales, cut costs and better manage their locations for over 25 years. Don't think that means that we are a stale "traditional" point of sale system. SelbySoft has developed a cutting edge pos and apps that combine some of the best features of traditional and cloud based systems. Even better, it works. Every single day.

SelbySoft - Coffee Latte Art Our Coffee Shop POS system was designed to help you get the most from your coffee shop or cafe. We know that coffee and the specialty beverage industries are different than fast food, restaurants or pizza places. After working in coffee for so long, we know the specific needs the specialty coffee industry has. We sponsor some of the best schools in the country and our SelbySoft for Coffee Point of Sale was the official P.O.S. of the incredibly popular America's Best Coffeehouse competition!

Our FREE Gift & Loyalty system will help you boost sales and reduce credit card fees. SelbySoft has the most comprehensive gift and loyalty system on the market. This enables you to increase your average dollar per ticket, reduce your credit card swipe fees and reward your loyal customers. With SelbySoft you can compete with Starbucks or any other coffee shop head on.

The Zero Training interface will make your staff and your coffee shop manager happy while cutting your training time. Because SelbySoft for Coffee is so simple to use, your staff will make less mistakes. Your manager will love hiring a new employee and having them take orders their first hour on the job.

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Mudhouse Coffee SelbySoft Rocks!

"Easy, Intuitive, Powerful and more"

See why SelbySoft is the #1 choice for Pizza & Restaurants!
Have a location with Delivery? Table Service? Fast Casual?

SelbySoft - Pizza Image The Selbysoft for Pizza & Restaurants software was designed to make any and all of these restaurant situations easy to manage. We understand differences and complications between these concepts. Using our Zero Training interface with F.A.S.T. Ordering, you can quickly take orders without interrupting the customer to ask what size they wanted. Active Ticket Technology helps reduce the number of voids and mistakes.

If you have a pizzeria, our built in tools for delivery will allow you to quickly track drivers and customer orders. Instantly know if a delivery is in the kitchen or out the door. A comprehensive customer database makes it easy to quickly locate a past order and duplicate it. Half & half pizzas are easily ordered and printed to or displayed in the kitchen.

Anyone with table service knows that splitting checks can be a hassle. With our intuitive seperate check system, even the most difficult checks are easily split and multiple tender types are supported. Quickly see what tables are open and which are yours. You can even tag casual orders with a name or number to easily let a customer know their order is ready.

Read on to see how we can help you cut costs, increase your ROI and better manage your business...

SelbySoft & Cafes

SelbySoft is the ONLY POS company in the Coffee Fest Hall of Fame!

Cafes, Coffee Shops, Drive Thrus and More!

The Official POS
America's Best Coffeehouse Competition

America's Best Coffeehouse

Selbysoft for Coffee was the Official POS used at the three regional and national competitions held at the Coffee Fest trade shows.

This competition brought together the best of the best coffee shops from the East, Central and West regions of the U.S. The teams competed for the regional title and then for the National Title of America's Best Coffeehouse. That national competition brought the winners of the regionals together for a $10,000 top prize!

SelbySoft for Coffee was the exclusive point of sale used during these competitions.

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