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Make Sense of Your Sales

Reporting designed to give you the information you need, when you need it.

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Insights into your sales figures

Breakdown your performance by the day, week, year or whatever suits you.
Compare your sales over timeframes for trend analysis.
Sales and more are shown by the hour, half hour and quarter hour.
MobileDash reporting on your phone so you can keep up wherever you are.

Images of a slice of pizza and cup of coffee

Never wonder how popular your items are

Product mix reports.
Menu Groups - Beverage vs Food.
Size Comparisons - Small vs Large.
Specialty Sales - Meat lovers vs Veggie.
And even down to the modifier level.

Image of a dollar sign and percent sign

Track your costs

Get on the fly labor costs.
Labor by the quarter hour of the day.
Tip tracking by employee and shift.
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) on the fly.
Inventory reporting, shortages and more.

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Enterprise Reporting, Analytics & more

Enterprise level reporting for multi store management. Multi-Store menu management. Franchise level reporting. Data exports for deep reporting. Analtyics with the PerfectCube Platform.

Hands-Free Marketing

Marketing tools you will use.

Too often we find that small business owners are too tired or overwhelmed to market on their own. Most marketing tools are either too expensive or complicated. SelbySoft introduced Hands-Free Marketing to fill this need.

It's simple - You design the message and let us handle everything else.

Special Offer picture

New Customers with all important bounce back offer. Automatically sent 24 hours after the customer gives you their email address. Craft a message and an offer that brings them back a second time.

Happy Birthday

Customers love birthday specials! Give them a discount on their purchase over their birthday and make their special day even better.

Coffee with We Miss You

Sometimes people have a bad experience or just forget to come back. After 30 days of no purchases, they receive this offer to remind them what they are missing.

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