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Phone Orders?

We have you covered!

Customer Management That Works

Get to know your customer

Customer File pulled up in SelbySoft POS

Everything in one spot

When that phone rings, you want to take that order as quickly as possible. Our integrated customer tracking system will help you do that and more. Picture of caller id screenUse our integrated Caller Id System, the customers phone number, name or gift card to view past orders, delivery and payment status.

Even more features

Managing Deliveries Can be Hard

Route and track drivers all in one place.

Delivery Dispatch Systems help you and your drivers create a smooth delivery experiance for your customers. Simply assign the driver to one or more orders and send them on their way.
Timer notifications help you stay on top of those outstanding orders. See which orders need attention at a glance.

Close driver shifts quickly with all the information you need. One screen that shows their deliveries and calculates their cash out including driver banks, drops, tips and delivery compensation (four different methods).

SelbySoft driver recap screen

Our delivery system is packed with many additional features to help you stay in control.

Picture of delivery features in SelbySoft

Duplicate Orders Fast

Duplicate order in SelbySoft POS

See everything you need on one screen.

Past orders, payment status, customer notes, and much more.
Every employee is great at customer service with our integrated customer database!
Quickly duplicate last orders with just a touch of a button.

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